Tokyo Temple Open House Official Website has been redesigned

4月 23, 2022 | Tokyo Temple

With the announcement of the Tokyo Temple Open House schedule, the website to provide information related to the rededication of the Tokyo Temple has been redesigned as the “Tokyo Temple Open House Official Website”.

This top page will provide church members and the public with the latest information about the Tokyo Temple Open House.

The “Tokyo Temple Rededication Official News” website, which used to provide information, will continue to be available to Church members under a new URL.
This page can also be accessed from the top page of the above URL.

The new “Tokyo Temple Open House Official Website” will also introduce special events that will be held to commemorate the Open House, as well as the church’s beliefs and contribution to society.
The site can also be used as an tool for missionary work.

In addition, the following related SNS accounts have been opened for the general public. Please use them to share information with your friends.
All items for members will continue to be posted on Facebook.

Tokyo Temple Open House(@tokyojapantemple)
Tokyo Temple Open House